When your air compressor has an oil leak, the race is on if you’re to avoid downtime.

An Algar Air Engineer servicing an air compressor

Unless it’s an oil-free air compressor (typically used in the food manufacturing and pharmaceutical sectors), oil will be an integral part of the smooth operation of your air compressor.

It will be busy lubricating moving parts to reduce friction. It will cool and seal. And it will help collect and clean away any dust particles that find their way through the air filter. So an oil leak is bad news, because without oil, compressor parts wear faster, friction and heat build, and dust clogs parts and/or makes it to the business end of your air tool.

So it was fortunate that our engineer spotted the oil leak on this 22kw oil compressor and was able to change the drive seal and the collar on the air-end (the compressor screw element that’s at the heart of every rotary screw-type air compressor).

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We carry out routine air compressor inspections twice a month for this client, and it was during the latest inspection that we spotted the problem. As you’ll see from the video, the problem wasn’t hard to spot, but unless someone’s checking regularly, it’s easy for such things to go unnoticed – and that’s when damage spreads and downtime mounts.




If you haven’t had your air compressor serviced in a while, ask us to take a look now. If there’s a problem, it could be the best value decision you make all week.

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>  Does your air compressor need servicing?
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Algar Air engineer servicing air compressor equipment

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