Spray painting an oil drill

Over the years, our air compressors have powered lots of paint sprayers in a wide range of indus-trial (and other) settings. They’ve been spraying cars, walls, and even coating foods and pharma-ceuticals. But a recent air compressor installation was designed to feed a paint pump of a different scale.

The client had been using a prior pump to add a protective coating to oil boring drills via flexible hose. The new compressor was to be installed away from the spraying bay, which required our en-gineers to break into the ring main and run galvanised pipework to the paint pump. The new sys-tem would create a more robust and reliable system for delivering the paint, ensuring optimal air flow and, in turn, a more consistent paint finish.

As ever, we agreed the strategy with the client before we started work, and ensured work was completed in the time we promised.

Paint Pump Galvanised Pipework Installation Paint Pump Galvanised Pipework Installation

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