February the month of love, well, one of the 90kw air compressors at a refractory manufacturer has certainly had plenty of TLC.

Power System Screw Air Compressor FPS-V60MR97PWS645-Nobel-90-08-DV

Our engineers carried out remedial work to the Air Compressor as it was reported to not be working correctly, checking over Compressor, we found the HP side had flamed out, stripping Unit for further inspection, finding Non Return Valve not working, Valves broken, Piston Rods, Piston Rings and Packings worn, all reported back to our customer for approval of remedial work to start.

We measured up Cylinders, Piston Rods and Crossheads to make sure tolerances were within limits and transported Piston Rods & Piston Heads back to our site for re-chroming. (stripping off seized Piston Rods for HP and LP Pistons, cleaning off Carbon and polishing Piston Heads, removing Rings and re-chroming.)

  • Then the engineers returned to install re-chromed Piston Rods.
  • To cut Piston Rings to size and install Pistons with correct clearance settings.
  • To install Oil Scrapers, Packings, Piston Plate Cover Kits, Big-End Nuts, Bolts and Washers, all associated Gaskets and Seals and grinding out ridges in Cylinders.
  • To install LP Head, finding HP Head blocked, attempting to clean on-site, unable to clean.
  • To transport HP Head back to our Chemical Cleaning Specialists to chemically clean, polish out air ways and water ways.
  • To collect HP Head, transport back to site, install HP Head and full set of Valves complete with Coppers and Rubbers.
  • To remove NRV Unit, cleaning out and installing new Valve, cleaning out sight glasses, running-up and testing.