One of our trainees is about to start the journey to become a fully qualified engineer.
Jacob Hill Compressed Air Engineer


Like virtually every business right now, skills are at a premium. Across the compressed air sector there’s a shortage of skilled engineers (and if you happen to be a skilled engineer and want a fresh challenge, do get in touch). So in the absence of being able to pick ripe skills off the tree, we’re growing our own.

This August, Jacob Hill, an Algar Air trainee engineer, starts a ‘compressed air and vacuum technician’ apprenticeship. Since he joined us two years ago, Jacob has been itching to start his formal training but the pandemic had other plans. So we’re delighted to say that over the next three years, he’ll get the formal training he needs to become a fully-fledged engineer.

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Skills, knowledge, behaviours

Modern apprenticeships are rigorous things, because there’s more to being a compressed air engineer than pure engineering.

Jacob will cover the technical aspects, of course, learning about flow rates, electrical system principles, piping specifications, fault finding and more. But he’ll also learn about environmental considerations like oil collection and wastewater. He’ll learn how to work safely, how to interpret technical documents, how to use specialist tools and how to operate the growing number of information management and other IT tools associated with modern compressed air systems.

Perhaps most importantly for our purposes, he’ll learn how to service and maintain air compressors, how to take responsibility for his work, and how to deliver a professional service in a professional way.

Simone Kidd, Algar Air MD said: “We’re continuing to grow so it’s important that we grow our pool of skilled engineers too. I’m excited for Jacob, the skills he’ll develop and the knowledge he’ll gain over the next three years. I’m already looking forward to him graduating to become a fully qualified engineer with us.”

If you’d like to explore opportunities for air compressor engineers with Algar Air, let’s have a chat or call us on 0114 243 2347.

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