Need an air compressor urgently but don’t want to buy? Algar air now hires air compressors.

Hire air compressors - for one off jobs, peak period management or as a backup

There’s no one type of business that relies on air compressors. For every major manufacturer which has contingency after contingency should an air compressor fail, there are at least as many smaller businesses relying on a single air compressor and no backup.

When they hit a real purple patch in production, or when the air compressor fails, they’re left struggling. And that’s one of the reasons we’ve launched our new air compressor hire service.

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Air compressor rental is actually something we’re been doing for some time, but until recently, the service was reserved for our servicing and maintenance customers. Whilst we removed the air compressor for stripping down and inspection, we could lease them a stopgap air compressor that would ensure there was no effect on production.

But we’ve realised it’s not just maintenance and breakdowns that can leave a business needing additional air power. So if you need an additional air compressor but you don’t need one permanently, hire it from us.


Find out more about our air compressor rental service. And to find out which rental units we have in stock right now, please call 0114 243 2347, or contact us.

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Air Compressor Hire

For one off jobs, peak period management or as a backup, hire air compressor equipment with Algar Air.