Servicing is essential to ensure the longevity of your air compressor, but what exactly does a service involve? Let’s take a recent 9,000hr service on a Boge C20 air compressor as an example.
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There’s servicing and there’s servicing. If you think of it in terms of your car, there’s the interim check you might have in years one and three of ownership, which will cover your engine oil and filter, a brake fluid top up and a safety inspection etc. And then there’s a full service which, in addition to all the above will include suspension checks, cooling system, steering alignment, battery condition and lots more.

Like cars, air compressors have different levels of servicing. Unlike cars, where the type of service is determined by miles driven, an air compressor’s service will be determined by its hours of operation and its operating environment.

> Keep your air compressor running with a good service

As a baseline you’d expect to have a service every 2,000-3,000 hours of operation to keep things in good working order. That works out at (roughly) a couple of services each year for compressors which are in action for a standard working day most days, but servicing may be less for compressors which are used more sparingly and are in clean environments. It may be considerably more for organisations with 24/7 operations or where they operate in particularly dusty or dirty spaces.

BOGE Air Compressor Service
BOGE Air Compressor Service

What does a 9,000-hour air compressor service include?

Let’s use the example of Affordable Granite & Marble (AGM), the Matlock-based specialist in quartz and granite kitchen worktops. The company uses a Boge C20 air compressor in its workshop which recently clocked up 36,000hrs of operation. With servicing carried out on rotation, that meant it was time for its latest 9,000hr service.

The service included:

  • An oil change
  • Changing the air and oil filters
  • Changing the air/oil separator
  • Changing the panel filter
  • Checking and (where appropriate) changing the:
    • Minimum pressure valve seals and springs
    • Thermostatic valve kit
    • Solenoid piston
    • Oil reclaimer
  • Cooler clean out
  • Checking all pipework and electrical connections
  • Full clean down
  • Inspection, running up and testing

It’s a lot of servicing, but then 3,000 hours (since the last service) is a lot of hammer for an air compressor.

> Keep your air compressor running with a good service

Chris Turner, Works Manager with AGM, knows just how valuable the servicing is:
“Our air compressor is essential to the work we do at AGM, so it’s important that we can rely on an expert for our servicing. We’ve worked with Algar Air for years now because we trust them to do what needs to be done, to do it without fuss, and to work fast. I’d always recommend them.”

BOGE Air Compressor Service
BOGE Air Compressor Service

Noticing the difference

There’s another similarity between car servicing and air compressor servicing. Once the bonnet’s down and you’re back in the driving seat, you immediately notice things running a little more smoothly, a little quieter, a little better – but you probably don’t pay too much attention to all that went into getting it that way.

The same is true of air compressors. With the servicing complete, the casing goes back on and, aside from looking cleaner than it did, you may not see much of a difference. But you’ll hear it. You’ll notice a positive difference in the way the compressor runs. And although it may not occur to you, your service will also go a long way to ensuring that you don’t need to see us again until the next service.

If it’s a while since your air compressor had a service, it’s time to put that right. Contact us or call 0114 243 2347.

> Keep your air compressor running with a good service
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