Most air compressors use oil as a coolant. So why might you need one that doesn’t?
Oil-Free Air Compressors - MGF Dental Oil-Free with Dryer Air - PureAir Open Frame 0.75 to 10kw

Most air compressors use oil to help prevent the motor from overheating. Generally speaking, that doesn’t cause a problem. If you’re in a garage environment, the fact that there’s a little air compressor-generated oil vapour floating around really doesn’t matter when there’s oil in virtually every other element of the business too.

But sometimes, the presence of oil in the atmosphere can be a problem. Where oil is used as a coolant in your air compressor, it’s inevitable that some of that oil will escape into the system. Traces of it can find its way into the air your compressor generates, and if your end product is food, drink or pharmaceuticals, a contaminant such as oil can pose serious risks.

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It’s a similar position with spray finishing. Oil may not contaminate a paint finish in a ‘threat to health’ sort of way, but if it’s present in the atomised spray, then it can pose a danger to the effect of the finish. Rather than a seamless, pristine coating, oil or water in a spray finish can deliver a tell-tale ‘orange peel’ effect. And you don’t want that on your new car.


Oil free benefits

There are numerous ways of filtering oil from the air compressor system, but no method is as fool proof as the compressor system that doesn’t use oil at all.

Oil-free air compressors make compliance simple. There’s no need to worry about the potential for oil contamination in your food business when you completely remove oil from the equation. So there’s a peace of mind benefit to installing oil-free compressors, and it’s easy to meet even the strictest international regulations when you know your risk of contamination is zero.

But there’s a practical benefit to choosing oil -free air compressors too. That’s because, in an oil-based system, the only way to scrub the oil would be through using active carbon filters. Even the cleanest filters provide a barrier to the free flow of air. And as filters become dirtier their effect on airflow and pressure (and, therefore, efficiency) becomes even more pronounced. So oil-free enables you to maintain higher, more efficient air pressure, as well as cleaner air.


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