With every service, we’ll keep your air compressor in prime condition. But what happens between services? Thanks to BOGE Connect, if ever there’s a problem you’ll be the first to know, fast.

BOGE Connect

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The problem with air compressor problems is that often, you may not even notice there is a problem until the compressor shuts down. By that point, you’re already into downtime, losing production time and money with every minute the compressor stays out of action.

Of course, we’ll always be there fast in the event of a breakdown – usually within a few hours – but what if there was a way of spotting a fault before it shut down production?

That’s what BOGE Connect is all about.


What is BOGE Connect?

BOGE Connect is a smart piece of tech that monitors your air compressor. It alerts you to problems like running hot or pressure drops. But it also monitors the efficient running of the compressor, helping you avoid idle running costs and mechanical stresses that can add to energy costs.

BOGE estimates management systems like Connect could help you make energy savings of up to 45%.


How does it work?

There’s a small amount pf physical hardware (which is pre-installed on many new BOGE compressors but can be retrofitted to older models) and a web application which lets you monitor and administer the system.


What are the benefits?

The big benefits are:

  • You spot issues before they become problems, so you can call your air compressor maintenance team to sort it proactively rather than risking machine failure
  • Improved efficiency (and therefore, lower operating costs) of your compressor
  • No unnecessary maintenance callouts. Think your machine is running hot? The system will tell you whether it’s really something to be concerned about
  • Optimise your servicing. Your compressor servicing is typically based on a set number of operational hours. The frequency of servicing depends on the environment the compressor is in and how regularly it is used. But finding the right servicing frequency can be a challenge in certain environments and situations. Connect ensures that, even if your compressor is operating constantly in the dirtiest of air, you’ll be able to make sure it’s always serviced at the right time, reducing the risk of downtime.

BOGE Connect is available now from Algar Air. For more details and prices, email us or call 0114 243 2347.

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