How do you decide on the optimal place to site your air compressor? Here’s our guide.
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On the face of it, it seems like the simplest of questions. Surely, your air compressor needs to go where there’s space and where no one is likely to be obstructed by it. But there’s rather more to choosing the prime position for your compressor than that:


1. Room temperature

For the coolant in your air compressor to do its job, the compressor needs to operate in an environment between 4° and 40°C. At or beyond those extremes, your air compressor coolant is likely to be unable to work effectively enough, and the machine may shut down. It will also require more maintenance to compensate for the increased wear.

Ideally, therefore, your air compressor should be sited in a cool area.


2. Air circulation

Air compressors generate significant heat, and they can quickly heat the area around them. That’s especially the case when the air compressor is in an enclosed space, where the hot air vented from the compressor is likely to be sucked back into the machine, creating a heating cycle that can cause the problems noted above.

Ensure your compressor has the air space suggested by the manufacturer, and if you are unsure what that is, talk to us.


3. Accessibility

Your air compressor is going to need regular servicing and, over time, it’s likely that some fairly significant components will need replacing. That requires space to work, ideally around three feet on every side.


4. Noise

Air compressors aren’t quiet, and if employees are in the vicinity all day it could be a source of frustration and even harm. One solution is to site the compressor away from the workforce; another is to provide ear defenders for those closest to the compressor. And a third is to create a soundproof booth or room and place the compressor in there.


5. Proximity

You don’t have to place your air compressor at the heart of the production floor, especially if any of the above will cause problems. However, the more ducting you introduce the more power your air compressor needs to generate and the larger the overall system in terms of maintenance and fault-finding. In larger operations it is perhaps inevitable that there will be significant distances between a compressor and the various tools it feeds, but it is important to eliminate as much needless distance as possible.


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