When air compressor engineering becomes so much more

Air compressor engineering is an unusual expertise. It’s unusual because it involves so many skills. Over the course of a single compressed air system installation our engineers will typically apply electrical, plumbing, joinery, pipe and ductwork and project management skills. So when, as frequently happens, a client presents us with a “can you just…?” challenge completely unrelate to compressed air, the answer is usually “yes we can”.

Engineer With White Safety Hard Hat

Almost exactly a year ago, we covered the story of what happened when a longstanding prosthetics and orthotics client needed help in assembling a ramp for testing prosthetic legs on gradients. It was a perfect example of a relationship that still has air compressor maintenance at its core, but has expanded to include so much more.

Recently, we were back again, helping the client recover from a flood. Ironically, the air compressor was one of the few items unaffected when an upstairs toilet malfunctioned, flooding the lab below. To make matters even more frustrating for the client, this happened over a bank holiday weekend – but we were on hand to help.

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The Sunday and Monday were spent on a (literal) mop up operation. We identified the problem and isolated it and started the process of salvaging what we could and ripping out damaged equipment, carpet and ceiling tiles.

Over the following week we repaired the toilet, replaced ceiling tiles, replaced carpet and more to put the lab back in the condition it had been prior to the flood.

There was downtime – the flood was too great for there to be no impact on the business. But by acting swiftly we were able to limit the damage caused, which enabled us to have the lab back up and running far sooner that might otherwise have been the case.

And besides, who needs bank holidays anyway?

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