How often should your air compressor be serviced? We’ve got some suggestions.

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Older air compressor

What you’re looking at is an air compressor in serious need of servicing. As you can see, there’s a thick film of dust and oily guck coating the compressor motor, receiver tank and pipes, indicating (amongst other things) that the oil level may need topping up and that filters may need replacing.

There’s certainly nothing out of the ordinary about this. Air compressors need regular servicing, although precisely how often very much depends on the work the air compressor is performing and the broader environment in which the compressor operates.


Factors affecting servicing

The air compressors we help maintain perform hundreds of different tasks. Naturally some create more contaminants than others. Saws, paint sprayers, sanders, drills and more will all typically generate large volumes of particulates. Even the most efficient extraction system can’t remove them all and some will find their way back into the compressor where they can clog filters and inlets, forcing the motor to work harder and shortening its working life.

Even if the compressor is performing a task that is largely contaminant-free, environmental factors may still be an issue. These could be contaminants produced elsewhere in the building, but they could just as easily be, for example, pollen and grasses if your facility is in a rural environment.


How often should you service?

Air compressor servicing may be carried out at set intervals (e.g. every 12 months) but is more often based on hours. A 3,000 hour service, therefore, might be carried out anywhere between 6 and 9 month intervals depending on the level of activity during that period.

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The minimum service requirement (for low use compressors in a low contaminant environment) may be as infrequently as 2 years. The highest level of servicing might see a compressor achieve the required number of working hours in just 3 months. It’s important that those limits remain flexible, with the potential to scale servicing up or down as the need arises, so you always have the level of servicing the business requires. And when the servicing is complete, your air compressor will look something like this:

Air compressor following a service
Air compressor following a service

Inside & out

It’s also worth noting that the compressor cabinet needs to be kept clean and free from dirt. Otherwise there’s a risk that the compressor could be clogged by contaminants sucked in from its own casing.

Air compressor cabinet before cleaning service
Air compressor cabinet after cleaning service

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>  Keep your air compressor running with a good service

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