We were fascinated to discover this application for compressed air.
Wind Turbines Energy Farm

Paint spraying. Bottle labelling. Pharmaceutical making. Even theme park rides. You’d expect compressed air to be an integral part of an almost endless list of processes. But there’s one even we hadn’t heard of before.

As Windpower Engineering & Development reports, compressed air is a key element in keeping the blades of land and ocean-based wind turbines rotating.

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The key part here is the slip ring, used for power and pitch control. It acts as a sort of intermediary in the power generation process, feeding power to the turbines blades and sharing data from the blades with the hub to optimise power generation. Each slip ring gets through a lot of work – up to 10 million revolutions in a year – and it’s important that the slip ring stays clean and dust free to extend the ring’s life and reduce the requirement for repairs and downtime.

One key element in that dust removal is compressed air. Using an air compressor, engineers can blow dust particles away from power or signal transmission circuits ensuring electricity and data can flow to and from the blades. And when factored in as part of a regular servicing check, this compressed air cleaning method keeps efficiency high.


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