Combine our 10% off offer with the government’s super deduction and a new, £20,000 air compressor could effectively cost you as little as £13,554.

And that’s not all: we’ll also save you 10% on fixing your air leaks, and help you find lots more ways to reduce energy. Best be quick though, the 10% offer ends 31 October.

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*How do I get 10% off a new air compressor?

Buy new, energy efficient compressed air equipment from Algar Air before 31 October 2022 and we’ll give you 10% off the price. The 10% offer applies to all energy efficient air compressors and receivers.

It also applies to the cost of making your existing compressed air system more energy efficient. Around 16% of the energy used by compressors is lost to air leaks. Ask us to fix yours and you’ll get 10% off the cost of the work, not to mention all the money you’ll save from fixing the leaks.


Why are you doing this?

Because we all know that the government’s help, welcome as it is, won’t cover the full cost of spiralling energy prices. That’s why we joined BCAS’ 10 Taskforce, an initiative to help businesses cut their energy use by 10% by cutting out things like air leaks.


How else can we save money?

Two ways: first, there’s the super deduction. It’s a tax break introduced by the last chancellor to boost company investment. The super-deduction means your company can get 130% first year tax relief on any qualifying purchases. Combined with our 10% offer, you could make huge savings when you buy right now.

Here’s an example:

  • You buy a new, energy efficient air compressor. It costs £20,000.
  • We give you %10 off. It now costs £18,000.
  • 130% tax relief on the £18,000 means you don’t pay Corporation Tax (CT) on £23,400 (130% of £18,000). At 19% CT, that’s worth £4,446.
  • In real terms, you’ve just saved £6,446, meaning your £20,000 air compressor effectively costs £13,554.


How long does the super deduction scheme last?

You need to act now. The super-deduction ends on 31 March 2023. To check if you qualify, find full government guidance here.


How else can we cut energy bills?

By taking a big look at the energy you’re using and, probably, wasting. According to BCAS, 32.9% of all the energy businesses use is wasted. Fixing air leaks can make a huge difference. But there’s lots more you could do to reduce your energy bills too.

We can help.


Get 10% off – and more – now

So, to save 10% off the purchase price of your new, energy efficient compressed air compressor…

… and to get 130% of the tax back…
… and to cut your energy bills by reducing the amount of energy you waste
… and to save 10% on the cost of fixing air leaks…
you know who to talk to.


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