Compressed air can be an energy intensive way of generating power. By joining BCAS’ 10% Taskforce, we’re doing our bit to help save the planet and help clients save money.
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According to the British Compressed Air Society (BCAS), UK industry spends about £1.475 billion on electricity. Yet it wastes 32.9% of that energy through inefficient compressed air practices. That equates to £485.43 million. That’s a lot of waste. So what if we didn’t waste quite so much? What if we cut our energy usage by 10%?

That could save £147.5 million in wasted electricity costs. It’s the equivalent of taking 317,000 cars off the road. Which would certainly make your drive to work quieter.

> Find out about the BCAS 10% Taskforce here


Why we’re joining the 10% Taskforce

We’ve been BCAS members for more than a decade now. In that time we’ve seen how compressed air systems have become more energy efficient. And like everyone else, we’ve seen how energy costs have skyrocketed.

It doesn’t make sense to waste energy. It doesn’t make sense to waste money. So over the coming months, we’ll be working with our clients and on these pages to suggest ways you can reduce your air compressor energy usage. In many instances, making savings doesn’t mean making any great investment.


Simple ways to save

If 32.9% of energy is wasted, what are the steps you can take to chip away at that? There are lots of small things you could do to make a difference. Just changing your filters more frequently could account for almost 1% of the waste for 2 in 5 compressors. Doing something a little more radical – like finally fixing your air leaks – could account for a massive 16% of it. And according to BCAS data, 80% of businesses could benefit from taking this step.

It’s not just system maintenance and operation improvements that could make a difference either. Optimising the equipment you have, or renewing your compressed air system, could dramatically reduce energy waste further. Using adjustable speed drives, for example, is something 1 in 4 air compressor owners could do, and it could account for almost an eighth of that wasted 32.9%.

You can find out about the BCAS 10% Taskforce here.

And to find out more about we can help you cut the cost of running your air compressors, please get in touch or phone us on 0114 243 2347.

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