Ever wondered what is involved in an overhaul? Here is an example. The work to follow was carried out at a National Waste Recycle Plant.

Removal, transportation & reinstallation of compressed air equipment
  • To carry out remedial work required on the 30kw Air Compressor.
  • To disconnect and remove the Air Compressor from its location; including disconnecting pipework & electrics; removing the internal ducting from the Air Compressor & 2nd Atlas Copco Air Compressor and also removing end of Metal Compressor House.
  • To install 1 off Hire-In Air Compressor.
  • To transport Compressor back to our workshop for repairs, stripping down Compressor at our workshop, removing Airend, Motor and Cooler from Cabinet and prepare for transportation.
  • To industrially clean Cooler.
  • To split, clean out, rebearing and re-seal Airend.
  • To inspect and rebearing Motor.
  • To carry out major service changing Oil, Air Filter, Oil Filter, Separator, Suction Box and Check Valve Seals and Springs, checking all electrical connections and cleaning out Cabinet.
  • To reassemble Air Compressor with Motor, Cooler and overhauled Airend,.
  • To clean down and inspect machine, run-up and test.
  • To transport Air Compressor back to site.