11th – 28th Overhaul on 30kw Screw Air Compressor

Ever wondered what is involved in an overhaul? Here is an example. The work to follow was carried out at a National Waste Recycle Plant.

To carry out remedial work required on the 30kw Air Compressor. To disconnect and remove the Air Compressor from its location; including disconnecting pipework & electrics; removing the internal ducting from the Air Compressor & 2nd Atlas Copco Air Compressor and also removing end of Metal Compressor House. To install 1 off Hire-In Air Compressor. To transport Compressor back to our workshop for repairs, stripping down Compressor at our workshop, removing Airend, Motor and Cooler from Cabinet and prepare for transportation. To industrially clean Cooler. To split, clean out, rebearing and re-seal Airend. To inspect and rebearing Motor. To carry out major service changing Oil, Air Filter, Oil Filter, Separator, Suction Box and Check Valve Seals and Springs, checking all electrical connections and cleaning out Cabinet. To reassemble Air Compressor with Motor, Cooler and overhauled Airend,. To clean down and inspect machine, run-up and test. To transport Air Compressor back to site.