Launching a new business or relocating? Before you take all your conventional tools with you, think about switching to air power…

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With their applications ranging from machining to pharmaceuticals, farming to food and beverages, it can sometimes seem as though the whole world is running on compressed air. But if your business hasn’t discovered the benefits yet, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. So here are our top seven reasons to install a compressed air system in your Buxton business.

Need a new tool for a new process? Usually that means buying the tool, the power source and the whole kit and caboodle. But with compressed air, your Buxton business can add virtually any air tool to the existing system.

Providing your compressed air system has the capacity to cope with new additions (which is why you need the advice of a compressed air engineer) your business will be able to enjoy greater production flexibility at a much lower cost than with conventional power.

Light work
Because compressed air tools draw their power from a central compressor, they don’t need to carry power with them. And with your tools freed from heavy motors or battery packs, your people can work lighter, with more compact tools.

It’s more reliable
Generally speaking, air tools contain far fewer moving parts than conventional tools, so there’s far less chance of any individual tool developing a fault.

Compressed air costs less
Whether it’s the air power itself or the tools you attach to your Buxton air compressor, compressed air tends to cost less.

More power
When you need your tools to deliver more torque, there’s only one choice. Compressed air systems in Buxton are the natural choice for high performance, high power tools. After all, there’s a reason F1 teams have air powered wheel nut guns.

It’s safer
There may be an electrical power source behind every Buxton air compressor, but in industrial applications, the compressor is often some way from your workers and air tools. That means they can work more safely around water, flammable gases and dust, with a much reduced risk of explosion or electrocution.

It’s more secure
You can sell an electrical power tool anywhere. But an air tool is useless unless you have the air compressor to go with it. Choose compressed air for your Buxton business, and your hardware will be far less attractive to would-be thieves.

Find new and used compressed air equipment in Buxton

For over 30 years, Algar Air has been supplying compressed air equipment to Buxton businesses. For advice on the right compressors, tools and accessories, for great value supply, and for expert installation of your compressed air system, call us now on 0114 243 2347.

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