Snooker World Championship, coffee and a brief encounter with Steve Davis while working at Sheffield’s Crucible!

Snooker balls on table in a snooker hall

There was a lot of excitement around the office last week as we received a phone call from Sheffield Theatres to say that one of their Saw had gone down and they needed it fixing urgently.

We’d have to work around the Snooker World Championship matches that were being held in Sheffield’s Crucible.

Our engineer shot straight down to check over the Unit, tracing the wiring from the Distribution Board to the Isolator and finding a faulty 25amp Overload Relay.

On his return visit with the replacement part he was on his way down to the ‘Green Room’ to grab a coffee when he stopped to where he was collared by an

“Excuse me – are you allowed in here?”

He turned around to find that it was the one and only STEVE DAVIS!

Haha they had a good chat and he obviously explained his presence! They walked down to get coffee together where he then met Shaun Murphy as he was about to start playing.

He wished him good luck and shook his hand.

Star struck and coffee in hand he went back and got the Saw back up and running.