The balance of power in the air compressor market is shifting, with centrifugal air compressors starting to challenge the traditional dominance of traditional rotary compressors. But why? We explore the advantages of centrifugal, and discover why the market has got itself in a spin.
Mechanical engineer checking centrifugal pump

Oil-free: As the report identified, not every market is worried about oil contamination, but some – food manufacture, brewing, pharmaceuticals etc, most definitely are. Centrifugal air compressors are 100% oil free, removing at a stroke the need for oil separators and filters.

Low maintenance: A rotary air compressor will need regular maintenance and replacement of things like piston rings, gland packing and valve plates. Fewer wearing parts means there’s less requirement for maintenance downtime, and less risk of component failure with a centrifugal system.

No pressure fluctuations: Traditional compressed air systems need to reduce pressure fluctuations; centrifugal air compressors don’t.

Compact: Centrifugal air compressors pack more air into smaller spaces, so you need less room for installation compared with a rotary model.

Virtually vibration-free: Particularly in larger air compressors, creating the right foundation to minimise vibration, and ensuring that vibration is not transmitted to neighbouring equipment, can be a challenge. Centrifugal air compressors create far less vibration, so the installation issues and impact on other equipment are less.

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