Air Compressor Business Hire in South Yorkshire

When should you hire an air compressor? Here’s our practical guide to renting an air compressor in South Yorkshire.

Hire air compressors - for one off jobs, peak period management or as a backup

Is renting an air compressor a good idea?

It certainly can be. It’s all a matter of weighing cost against use. If the compressor equipment you’re thinking of hiring will be used every day for the long term, you’ll likely find buying a compressor works out more cost effective. If, on the other hand, you have only a temporary or occasional need for an air compressor (or often, in the case of our customers, a second compressor), hiring can be a handy low cost option – and you don’t have to worry about any of the long term consequences of ownership such as servicing and repair.

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Why rent an air compressor?

The customers who rent air compressors in South Yorkshire from Algar Air do so for lots of reasons. These are the most typical:

•  Meet spikes in demand: You always need spare capacity in your pressure system, but few businesses plan so much additional capacity that they could cope with anything. For those occasional spikes in demand that leave you needing additional temporary air power, hiring makes sense.
•  For one off jobs: Your business may rarely use air power. So when you’re asked to take on occasional, specific jobs that require it, rental may be the ideal way to go.
•  As a backup: If you use compressed air every day, you may keep a backup compressor in storage in case your regular compressor breaks down or needs servicing. But not every business has the space to store a compressor that will remain idle for most of the time. And not every business wants to pay to maintain a compressor that will be rarely used. The alternative? Rent one.
•  Try before you buy: If air power is at the core of your business, then the air compressor you buy is a critical decision. Hiring an air compressor can give you the opportunity to see how the compressor you intend to buy performs in your workspace – and help you avoid making a costly mistake.

Air compressor rental in South Yorkshire with Algar Air

As many of the compressors we hire out are needed for urgent reasons – either to cover breakdowns or to respond to an increase in demand – we know how important it is that our compressor hire service is not just great value, but fast.

That’s why you can rely on us to respond swiftly. And because you only pay for the period you rent, you get all the production security you need, without needing to make any larger commitment or dip into capital.

Our available rental air compressors for South Yorkshire are changing all the time. To find out which units we have in stock right now, please call 0114 243 2347, or contact us.

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For one off jobs, peak period management or as a backup, hire air compressor equipment with Algar Air.

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