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Electrical installation for your air compressor, and electrical work for all your other business needs too. Get more with Algar Air.

Why should my air compressor supplier be able to manage the electrical installation too?

Electrical testing & installations of air compressors

The air compressor system in your South Yorkshire business is far more than a compressor and associated equipment. It’s ductwork and drainage systems. And it’s electrical work. Only together can they create a system that delivers performance, pressure, efficiency and low noise.

That requires turnkey capability, and for almost 40 years Algar Air has been ensuring every element of South Yorkshire’s compressed air systems works at maximum efficiency. Whether you buy a single piece of equipment or ask us to design a full pressure system, we’ll ensure the electrics are sorted too.

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Can I use a separate electrical specialist?

Yes. You can commission an electrical engineer to carry out the electrical element of any compressed air system installation, but that naturally adds to costs and creates extra time constraints as you try to ensure the work of two contractors dovetails.

By asking us to do the electrical installation element of your pressure system installation, you cut costs and increase speed and simplicity.


Do you carry out other electrical equipment installations?

Yes. We’re not PAT testers, but we can install your other workshop plant and equipment. You can ask us to do that at the same time as we install your compressed air system, or we can approach it separately.


Cut the cost of using electrical and air compressor engineers in South Yorkshire. Find them both at Algar Air. Please call 0114 243 2347, or contact us.

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We’ll help your business keep the compressed air flowing.

Electrical testing & installations of air compressors


Expert installation of compressed air and other equipment.

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