The filters for your Rotherham compressed air system that can keep the clean air flowing.

Why does my air compressor need filters?

You might assume that the air you work in is pretty clean, but in reality every workspace is a cocktail of contaminants – from dust to oil vapour to particles launched into the air as part of your work processes. When that air gets sucked back into your Rotherham air compressor it can clog air lines, restrict air flow and contaminate the air being sent to your air tools – a real problem if your manufacturing processes require a clean or precision finish.

Protecting the compressor

Inline filtration isn’t just about keeping the compressed air you generate clean for the sake of production. Dirty air can increase air compressor wear by forcing the compressor to work harder to push it around the system. So filtration can also help lower energy costs and minimise the risk of breakdown-related downtime.

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Which filter?

From carbon activated filters which absorb oil vapour, to clean air filters that conform to respiratory protection standard BS EN 529:2005 (so everyone can breathe more easily) talk to Algar Air about the inline filtration that can protect your people and your production.

For more information and advice about inline filtration for your Rotherham compressed air system, please call 0114 243 2347, or contact us.

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