Air Compressor Installation & Servicing in Chesterfield

Expert help to ensure that your business’ compressed air keeps flowing.

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For more than 30 years, Algar Air’s customers have relied on us for the design and supply of compressed air systems and equipment tailored to their specific requirements. But that’s not all they rely on us for. Because when Chesterfield businesses need a compressed air engineer they can rely on to service and maintain their system – and be there fast in an emergency – we’re who they call. We’d love you to do the same.


Expert installation

The installation of your Chesterfield compressed air equipment can have a direct effect on your production efficiency and operating costs. It’s not simply a question of the power and efficiency of your air compressor that counts. It’s the pipework, the positioning, the ability of your air compressor to deliver all its air to the tools without resistance.

That’s why, at Algar Air, compressed air system installation in Chesterfield is about far more than simply getting the air compressor to work; it’s about ensuring it operates in the most efficient, cost effective way possible.

> Helping you keep the compressed air flowing.


Flexible, tailored servicing

If you want production to keep flowing, your compressed air needs to keep flowing too. Without regular servicing, feed lines can become contaminated, filters can become clogged, air pressure drops and production quality (or volume) falters.

Talk to us about compressed air system servicing and maintenance in Chesterfield and we’ll work with you to agree the right servicing strategy for your system to achieve the right balance between cost and production efficiency.

Get in touch now, and we’ll send an engineer (not a sales rep) to help you make the right decision, for free.*


Air compressor contract servicing in Chesterfield

If production grinding to a halt is your worst nightmare, ask us to put together a servicing programme to cut the risk of system failure.

Put a single piece of equipment or the entire factory floor on an Algar Air service contract now.


Talk to us about air compressor equipment installation and servicing in Chesterfield. Please call 0114 243 2347, or contact us.

* Engineer’s time and support is free – please note that a nominal cost may be incurred for travel out of our area. If we can incorporate your visit into another client visit (we often can) no charge will be incurred.

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Services we offer to help your business keep the compressed air flowing

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We’ll help your business keep the compressed air flowing.

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