It’s far more than a conduit for the pressurized air to travel down. Here’s our guide to why the pipework is one of the most important aspects of your South Yorkshire compressed air system.

If the air your compressor has worked so hard to generate is to reach the tools that need it, you’ll need some way of transporting it from A to B. That’s the job of the pipework, but there’s a surprising amount to consider when choosing and installing the right pipework for your system.

Compressed air: Why pipe sizing matters

The diameter of piping affects airflow and pressure. Force pressurized air through too narrow a pipe and you increase velocity and cause turbulence. It also increases the risk of leaks, maximises the negative effect of any pinch points in the piping network, and increases your energy bill (because the compressor has to work harder to force the air through the pipe).

Whilst a 25mm pipe may be an attractive option from an aesthetics perspective, depending on the power of the air compressor, increasing to a 38mm pipe could prove far more efficient, cutting your energy use and reducing compressor wear.

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Compressed air: Why layout matters

Imagine a conveyor belt of food which passes several hungry diners before it reaches the final customer. By the time the conveyor reaches its end point there’s not much left for the last diner. It’s a similar concept with air power.

In any system with multiple users, without the right layout it’s easy to find airflow much reduced by the time it reaches the last user. You can avoid this problem by adopting a ring system, which ensures everyone’s airflow is optimised.

Another layout issue is the distance between your South Yorkshire air compressor and the air tools it supplies. Here, there’s a delicate balance to be struck. Whilst you may want to site the compressor in a room which has the right cooling and ventilation (and which minimises noise) it’s also important to ensure that the compressor is as close to the factory floor as possible so it doesn’t use large amounts of energy simply to push air to the right part of the building.

Compressed air: Why pinch points matter

Joints and knuckles are prime areas for leaks, while pinch points (bends and kinks that enable pipework to navigate corners or obstacles) can reduce the air flow to a trickle. As proof of that, place your hand against the tightest bends and kinks in your compressed air system pipework. If it’s warm, you’re creating friction, losing air power and forcing the air compressor to work harder.

Compressed air: Why expert pipework matters

It’s all about energy, cost and efficiency. The right pipework enables your South Yorkshire compressed air system to:

     Deliver a consistent pressure and flow of air
     Place minimal wear on the compressor motor, which reduces the risk of breakdown and increases longevity
     Cut energy costs

All Algar Air engineers are South Yorkshire’s experts in compressed air system design. We’re CSCS certified and have operator certification for SL SPB platforms. Talk to us now about creating a compressed air pipework installation that actively supports your business.

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