How a servicing contract for your Buxton air compressor can find hidden problems and protect you from hidden costs.

Engineer Testing Air Compressor Vacuum Pump

Some air compressor problems are clear and obvious. When the pressure drops, the noise increases or you’ve got oil or water spitting from your air tool in unusual quantities, it’s not hard to reach the conclusion that your air compressor needs a repair.

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But by the time the air compressor in your Buxton business reaches the repair stage, chances are significant damage has already been done.

    Until the problem was spotted, chances are you air compressor was carrying on regardless, causing additional, needless wear to other compressor parts

    Chances are you’ve wasted oil, wasted raw materials damaged by an unreliable air compressor, or damaged finished products with a finish contaminated with oil or water in the system

    Chances are you’ll lose production, because the more significant the problem, the more production downtime will be lost in repairing the damage. And because breakdowns never happen at a convenient time, you can guarantee your Buxton compressed air equipment will fail at precisely the worst moment

    Chances are it’ll cost more too

Air compressor servicing in Buxton with Algar Air

The best way to avoid costly air compressor repairs is to spot them before they become essential. That was the case recently when a routine servicing call revealed an oil leak that would eventually have led to a breakdown.

Because the problem was spotted early, there was no production downtime (we fixed it over a lunch break). There was no additional wear on compressor parts. And there was no knock-on effect – to finished products, environmental compliance or anything else.

Keep the air compressors in your Buxton business delivering. Call us now to arrange your servicing contract on 0114 243 2347.

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