Spread the cost and cut the risk – make sure your compressed air equipment in Derbyshire is under an Algar Air servicing contract.

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Regular servicing of your air compressor doesn’t only help to ensure that the equipment you rely on every day remains up to the task. There are lots of other benefits to agreeing a flexible servicing contract for your Derbyshire business’ air compressors:

Cut the risk of downtime

For any manufacturing or service business, the greatest threat to business is when production slows or stops. When air compressors aren’t regularly maintained then the risk of failure increases. And for many Derbyshire companies, when the air compressor stops everything else grinds to a halt too.

Regular servicing can help prevent the cost and risk of production downtime.

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Protect cashflow

You may have your Derbyshire air compressor engineer on speed dial and you may call them whenever there’s a problem, but if you only call them when there are signs of trouble, chances are the repair/maintenance costs will be higher and you’ll have to pay them all at once.

A compressed air system servicing contract can spread the cost, protecting you from hefty repair bills. And because the whole point of regular servicing is to spot issues before they become problems, overall costs will be less.

Reduce wear

Servicing keeps your air compressor in tip top condition, obviously. But there’s a beneficial knock-on effect of that. When parts start to wear they can cause stress points throughout the compressor – usually leading back to placing additional demands on the motor.

But regular servicing ensures that deteriorating parts are identified and replaced before they have a chance to cause significant damage, so your Derbyshire air compressor last longer.

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Tailored to you

Having a compressed air servicing agreement doesn’t mean you need to commit to monthly calls. We’ll work with you to determine the right level of servicing for your business and agree a package price accordingly.

Talk to Derbyshire’s air compressor engineers about your business now. Call Algar Air on 0114 243 2347.

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