Why should you make Algar Air your air power partner in Rotherham? Here are 5 reasons…

1. Air compressor expertise since 1984

Spend 30+ years doing anything and you’ll become an expert at it. For us it was compressed air systems. And it means that, when you need advice on which air compressor to buy, how to scale up to match your company’s growth, or how to maximise your compressor’s efficiency, we’re always able to help.

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2. The complete compressed air service

Our Rotherham air compressors don’t do their jobs alone. If you want a system that delivers all the air your processes need – and delivers it cleanly, free from oil and moisture and with all waste carefully managed – you need the right combination of driers, filters and receivers.

We’ll ensure your system is tailored to deliver the results you need.

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3. Maximum efficiency

Air power takes energy to generate, so ensuring your system is operating at maximum efficiency really matters if you’re to minimise your energy costs. So whether you need constant low cost operation or the ability to manage peak periods effectively, we’ll ensure your Rotherham air compressor system is able to deliver the air efficiently.

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4. Expert installation

Your Rotherham air compressor can only deliver maximum air to the air tool if the system of ducts and pipes connecting compressor to tool are expertly installed. That means eliminating leaks and bottlenecks and making the pipe network as simple as possible.

Talk to us about maximising your air efficiency through expert system design.

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5. Through-life support

Rotherham air compressors that aren’t well maintained run the risk of running inefficiently or breaking down altogether. And every manufacturing business wants to minimise compressor downtime. That’s why our service contracts ensure your compressed air system stays running optimally. And if the worst does happen, our breakdown teams respond fast.

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For a free, no obligation site survey to help you decide which air compressor would be most appropriate for your Rotherham business, call Algar Air.

Air compressors Rotherham? Call Algar Air on 0114 243 2347, or contact us.

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