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Air compressors

You know you need an air compressor for your Rotherham business, but which one? And how do you choose between compressor A and compressor B? Here are the key decisions:


Air flow

You need to know that the compressor has enough power to drive your air tools. If you’re running more than one tool at a time, you’ll need the compressor to be able to drive them all simultaneously without loss of pressure. And you’ll want to know there’s enough of a buffer to ensure the compressor isn’t running right at its limit, whilst avoiding lots of unused capacity in the system.

The key is to total up the air volume in cubic feet per minute (CFM) required by your air tools (you’ll find this in each tool’s manual) and multiply it by a minimum of 1.2 to reach the required output of your Rotherham air compressor.

That’s relatively easy when you’re running a small air compressor with a tool or two; it’s considerably more of a challenge when the compressor is driving multiple tools across a factory floor. For help in assessing your requirements, contact us.


Piston or rotary?

Once you’ve established how much power your Rotherham air compressor needs to generate, the next decision is how to generate it. Here, the typical choice is between a rotary or piston compressor.

Both should have no difficulty generating the air flow and pressure your tools need, but piston compressors tend to run hotter, vibrate more and create more noise, and deliver less CFM per kWh. They are, however, relatively low cost options and require no more than routine maintenance to keep them operating reliably.

Rotary compressors, in contrast, run cooler, generate more CFM per kWh than piston compressors, pass less oil and are durable. They are, however, typically more expensive than a piston compressor and servicing and maintenance can be more expensive too.

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Ultimately, the choice will be determined by factors such as expected run times, energy efficiency requirements and the need to minimise oil contamination. For help in deciding, please talk to us.


Oiled or oil free?

If you manufacture food, drinks, pharmaceuticals or other goods where contamination can prove a critical factor – or if you use a compressor in dentistry or paint spraying – an oil free Rotherham air compressor is the natural choice. In other environments, the choice is less clear cut, as oiled compressors tend to be quieter and more durable than their oil-free counterparts.


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