Air Receivers in Mansfield

For your Mansfield compressed air system to deliver its best, you’ll need the right air receiver. But which one is right for your set-up?

Air Receivers - You know you need an air receiver, but do you know which one? Ask the experts

Why do I need an air receiver?

A compressed air system comprises far more than just the air compressor. And one of the most crucial aspects of the system is the air receiver, a reservoir of air that ensures you always have sufficient air to supply all your tools.

Without a receiver, you risk ‘pulsations’ (i.e. pressure variations caused by oscillating flow patterns in reciprocating compressors). And with water a natural by-product of compression, the receiver provides a natural ‘sump’ for water to cool, condense and gather – which makes draining water from the system simple.

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Which air receiver do I need?

Every business’ requirements are different, so there’s no single answer to that question. In general, and as a minimum, you should look for an air receiver with a capacity 6 times the flow rate of your compressor. In practice, and providing you have sufficient space to store it, the bigger the receiver the better.

The Mansfield air receivers we supply are available in a huge range of capacities, from 50 to 5,000 litres and each conforms to BS5169. All our receivers also have a safety valve, auto drain (to remove condensate from the receiver automatically) and a test certificate.

Rather than working off averages, find the air receiver that’s ideally suited for your compressor set-up. Talk to us about your requirements.


Do you supply standalone air receivers?

We do supply individual air receivers, but we’re just as likely to supply a receiver as part of a complete compressed air system for your Mansfield business. Buy as part of a complete system, and not only do you get a receiver (and other components) ideally suited to every other part of the system – you can usually save money too.

For help in determining the right air receiver for your Mansfield business’ requirements, please call us on 0114 243 2347, or contact us.

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Air Receivers - You know you need an air receiver, but do you know which one? Ask the experts

Air Receivers

Available as one-off purchases or as part of a broader compressed air installation package. Ask us to find the right receiver for you.

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