Which air receiver is right for your Doncaster compressed air system? Find the answers with Algar Air.

Why do I need an air receiver?

An air receiver is an essential element in a compressed air system. It’s the reservoir of air that, assuming you choose the right size of air receiver for your Doncaster business, ensures air flow is sufficient to cope with peak demand periods.

An air receiver protects your system from ‘pulsations’ (i.e. pressure variations caused by oscillating flow patterns in a reciprocating compressor).

And with water an ever-present by-product of compressing air, an air receiver gives a place for warm air to cool and condense, enabling you to remove moisture from the system simply.

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Which air receiver do I need?

Our air receivers are available in a huge range of capacities, from 50 to 5,000 litres. As a general rule of thumb, and as a minimum, your Doncaster air receiver needs to have a capacity 6 times the flow rate of your air compressor. In practice, providing you have the appropriate storage space, the bigger the receiver the better.

Every air receiver we supply conforms to BS5169 and is supplied with safety valve, auto drain (to remove condensate from the receiver automatically) and a test certificate.

One-off or part of your compressed air package

The air receivers we install across Doncaster can be supplied individually as a one-off purchase or, and more commonly, we can install the air receiver as part of your compressed air system.

For help in determining the right air receiver for your Doncaster business’ requirements, please call us on call 0114 243 2347, or contact us. We’ll be happy to provide a free, no obligation survey of all your compressed air needs.

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