You know your business needs an air receiver, but which one? Talk to Algar Air.

What does an air receiver do?

The air receiver tank is a vital part of your Rotherham compressed air system. It’s the ‘sump’ for unused air, a reservoir to be called into use at times of peak demand. It protects against ‘pulsations’ within the system (i.e. pressure variations caused by oscillating flow patterns in a reciprocating compressor). And with water in the system presenting a constant risk, your Rotherham air receiver helps remove it by giving the warm vapour a place to cool and condense.

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Find the right receivers with Algar Air

Our air receives are available to buy independently as one-off purchases, or as part of a broader compressed air installation package.

Capacity ranges from 50 to 5000 litres. As a general rule of thumb, and as a minimum, choose an air receiver capacity 6 times the flow rate of the system. In practice, if you can afford (and have room) for a larger tank, the larger the better.

Every air receiver we supply conforms to BS5169 and is supplied with safety valve, auto drain (to remove condensate from the receiver automatically) and a test certificate.

For help in determining the right air receiver for your Rotherham business’ requirements, please call us on 0114 243 2347, or contact us. We’ll be happy to provide a free, no obligation survey of all your compressed air needs.

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