Algar Air and the Environment

Our commitments.

Recycling oil & protecting the environment

Take a look at any of our air compressors, receivers, separators or dryers, and you’ll see commitment to the environment at the heart of practically everything we supply and install.

Our equipment is helping businesses do more with less power. It protects wastewater from contaminants. And our servicing, maintenance and testing programmes ensure energy isn’t being wasted, and that resources are not used unnecessarily.

Yet it’s not only our equipment that’s working harder for the environment. Across Algar Air, we’re working to reduce our environmental impact by continually reviewing our processes, resource usage, energy consumption and waste disposal.

And we haven’t finished yet…


How much more energy efficient and environmentally friendly could your processes be? Ask us to review your air compressor system by calling 0114 243 2347 or contact us.


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