Are you leaking money?

That’s the case if you have air leaks in your Compressed Air Pipework. Depending on the size of your compressed air pipework system you could be pouring thousands of pounds into the atmosphere. Though compressed air is free the electricity to power the Air Compressor is not.

Case study:
Papermill – DS Smith Ltd in Somerset
The mill was running out of air. Our engineer Geoff had said that he believed that this was due to, in the main, air leaks rather than the introduction of new equipment. They are currently running 3 off Atlas Copco 90kw Air Compressors and having turn on their back-up Compressor(s) Broomwade VM500 to run the plant. Geoff proposed that we carry out an air leak survey. We tested and labelled leaks while logging each leak to be able to calculate the total loss. When we put the final report together they were losing 556 cfm which equates to approximately £76,000 at 8p per kw per annum.
So next time the financial director comes to you asking how to save money – tell them to have a leak test survey carried out! Contact us now on 0114 2432347