Can I Use Compressed Air For That?

Whatever your business, compressed air can make a difference.

Machines filling glass bottles with juice

There’s a reason compressed air is used to power so many Derbyshire businesses. It can generate greater power and torque, cut energy costs, protect staff and more. But of all the reasons to bring compressed air to your Derbyshire business, perhaps the greatest of them all is versatility.

Compressed air systems in Derbyshire can power virtually anything, in virtually any industry. Creating a comprehensive list would be impossible (and out of date almost as soon as we’d written it), so here’s just a sample of the ways air power could be benefitting your business.


Food & Drink

For food and drink manufacturers in Derbyshire, air compressors keep production moving, protect product quality and help with the packing. Applications include:

 Filling drinks cans and bottles
 Cooling and freezing
 Packing and labelling
 Palleting products



Applications for air compressors in this sector include:

 Pneumatic tools on and offshore
 Motion control systems to combat rough seas
 Ventilation and coolant system control



Man sandblasting a vehicle

Man sandblasting a vehicle


The manufacturing applications for compressed air equipment in Derbyshire businesses really are limitless, but they include:

 Manually operated production line air tools including sanders, air knives and clamps
 Robot operated lines
 Cutting and welding equipment
 Conveyor and feed machinery
 Spray painting
 Injection moulding


Health & Pharmaceutical

For these industries in Derbyshire, air compressors need to match performance with cleanliness, to protect products from water or oil contamination. Applications include:

 Spray coating pills
 Bottling and packaging
 Conveyor systems
 Operating theatre tools


Milking machines

Milking machines


Whether arable or livestock, farms in Derbyshire rely on compressed air in a range of ways:

 Greenhouse ventilation
 Milking machines
 Conveying crops
 Crop spraying
 Powering handling machinery


Whatever your application, make Algar Air your trusted supplier of compressed air equipment in Derbyshire. To discuss your business and the potential benefits of choosing compressed air, or for replacement equipment, expansion or relocation, call us now on 0114 243 2347.


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