Case Study – The Hayfield School

Air Compressor Servicing for The Hayfield School

Hayfield School's Air Compressor

All air compressor servicing is vitally important – but that’s never truer than when the air compressor sits in a school.


The Client

The Hayfield School is an academy on the eastern edge of Doncaster. If you know the area, Yorkshire Wildlife Park is just round the corner. The school runs a course in construction and outgoing courses include set design and engineering design (it was all just ‘woodwork’ and ‘metalwork’ in our day). An on-site compressor gives students the air power they need to complete their construction challenges.

The Challenge

Regular maintenance of an air compressor of a certain scale is essential (and mandatory) in any environment but that’s doubly the case when the compressor sits in a school. It’s vital that the compressor is safe to use, and equally vital that it is regularly checked to ensure that when it’s needed for a crucial task come assessment time, it won’t let the students down.

Our Response

This was an annual service of the school’s reciprocal (piston) compressor carried out under a written scheme of examination. We checked the oil, gave the unit a thorough service and made sure each component was safe and in correct working order for staff and pupils to use.

With the service complete, the compressor should be well capable of doing its job for another school year.

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