Guide to Air Compressor Testing & Compliance in South Yorkshire

How do we ensure your business meets its compressed air compliance requirements? Here’s a quick practical guide.

What’s the law regarding my air compressor?

We can guide you through the legislation and help you to be compliant

Not every air compressor requires compliance testing. But for systems of a certain scale, compliance testing is not optional – it’s mandatory.

Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR) are published by the HSE and set out the requirements for a written scheme of examination for a “compressed air receiver and the associated pipework, where the product of the pressure in bars multiplied by the internal capacity in litres of the receiver is equal to or greater than 250 bar litres.”

In practice, that effectively means any non-portable compressed air system where the pressure exceeds 2 bar.


What is a written scheme of examination?

It’s a document written by “a competent person” which details several aspects of your South Yorkshire compressed air system. This includes:

Ask us to visit your business and we’ll test the following parts of your Rotherham compressed air system:

  •  Identifying the elements of the system
  •  The examination requirements of each
  •  The prep work required to safely examine each component
  •  The maximum interval between examinations
  •  The date of certification


Who qualifies as a ‘competent person’?

Any person can be responsible for your compressed air system compliance providing they have the “necessary breadth of knowledge, experience and independence.” That could be somebody within the business (providing they meet those criteria), but more often than not, that will be an external expert such as Algar Air’s engineers.

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More than compliance

Ask Algar Air to manage your written scheme of examination and, as part of the process, we’ll check that the system is operating safely and efficiently:

  •  We check pressure to ensure production rates or finish quality are not being compromised
  •  We check pipework and connections to ensure air that should be feeding your production isn’t escaping the system
  •  We check the compressor isn’t running hot or generating excessive noise
  •  Importantly, we’ll ensure the check is carried out in line with the requirements of the written scheme we produce


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> You can find full details of the requirements here: Written Schemes of Examination (*pdf)


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