We’ve been around for almost 40 years, yet for only three of them have we been a limited company. But what a three years. Simone Kidd, Algar Air MD, looks back at three years that changed the shape of UK industry.
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Three years as a limited company. I’ll be honest, it’s not as if we’re celebrating with cake and bubbly. Next year marks our 40th year in business. That one will need a big party. Three years as a limited company doesn’t quite feel worthy of the bunting.

But it is worth stopping for a quick look back.

Three years ago we finally became a limited company after years of meaning to get around to it. It meant prospective clients could check us out at Companies House. It gave an extra level of reassurance to the significant number of clients who feel a little twitchy about working with sole traders.

In practice what we do and how we do it hasn’t changed a bit, but it’s fair to say we finally gained the legal status we should probably have had considerably sooner. Still, we got there in the end. I still haven’t recovered from the faff of switching bank accounts.

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Three eventful years

Three years ago, no-one had heard of Covid. Face masks were things only paint sprayers and surgeons wore. Theresa May was Prime Minister. No one heard a great deal about Ukraine and Russia had only just hosted the World Cup. Then again, there was a lot of arguing over Brexit, proving some things never change.


Rising costs; lowering bills

Perhaps the biggest change facing our customers over the past three years has been the cost of energy. In 2019 electricity was 19.4p per kWh. Right now it’s 28p and expected to leap again in autumn. It’s already had the biggest single-year leap in prices this millennium.

That’s why, as we start our fourth year as a limited company, we’ve joined the 10% Taskforce. It’s an initiative by the British Compressed Air Society (BCAS) that’s working to cut the huge amount of compressor-related wasted energy in UK industry, so we can help companies fight back against the rising cost of energy.

You can find out more about our involvement with the 10% Taskforce here. If you’d like to explore ways of reducing your own energy wastage, you’ll find energy and cost reduction tips here. And if you’d like to chat to us about creating a much more energy efficient compressed air system, let’s have a chat or call us on 0114 243 2347.

Finally, to everyone who became (or remained) an Algar Air client in the past three years, thank you. We really do appreciate the fact you did.

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