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Why make Algar Air your trusted source of air compressor expertise in Chesterfield? Here’s why:

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1. Decades of specialism

Since 1984, Algar Air has been designing, installing, maintaining and repairing compressed air systems in Chesterfield and across Derbyshire and South Yorkshire. We’d love to install or maintain yours.

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2. Complete compressed air system design

There’s more to ensuring the air reaches the air tools than a compressor. The right receiver/compressor combination ensures you have all the air power you need, even when multiple tools need it at once. The right ductwork ensures more of the compressed air you generate reaches the tools. And the right driers and filters can ensure fewer contaminants affect the quality of the air – and the quality of the products you make with it.

System design is vital. So talk to Chesterfield’s compressed air system design specialists.


3. Protecting wear; protecting costs

An air compressor that needs to work harder than it should increases wear, increases the risk of breakdown, and increases operating costs. Through careful design, installation and maintenance, Algar Air ensures that your Chesterfield compressor does its job economically.


4. Reducing downtime

Our servicing and maintenance contracts will keep the air flowing. But if the worst does happen, you need to know your compressed air partner can solve the problem and solve it fast. We’re there when you need us – so downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

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5. Buy used with confidence

You wouldn’t buy a used air compressor in Chesterfield from just anyone. But when you buy from people who know what to look for, and who can service the compressor to ensure it’s in prime quality, then you cut the risk of buying a second hand compressor.

Talk to us about the compressed air system in your Chesterfield business, now.


Air compressors Chesterfield? Call Algar Air on 0114 243 2347, or contact us.

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