Because if the compressed air stops, so does production.

For many businesses in Sheffield that use compressed air, keeping the air flowing is essential to keeping production flowing too. Breakdowns don’t just cost in terms of spare parts and an engineer’s time and labour. They cost in terms of downtime – time when conveyors don’t move, sprays don’t spray and cutters don’t cut.

Across Sheffield, organisations large and small trust Algar Air to keep their compressed air flowing, enabling them to meet their manufacturing schedules and production deadlines.

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We’re always on hand to fix breakdowns fast, with decades of compressed air engineering expertise that makes light work of tricky problems. But more than that, our compressed air servicing and maintenance services for Sheffield reduce breakdowns and callouts. So you replace unexpected breaks in production at the worst possible time with short, planned maintenance at a time that’s convenient for you.

What’s more, regular servicing ensures your Sheffield compressed air system is operating safely and efficiently – optimising energy costs, air flow and pressure, and compressor wear.

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And call Algar Air, Sheffield’s compressed air engineers, about your breakdown, servicing or maintenance, on 0114 243 2347.

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