Air Compressor Testing and Compliance in Doncaster

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Air purity
For many businesses that rely on air power, the quality of that air matters. ISO 8573-1:2010 specifies purity classes of compressed air with respect to particles, water and oil. This standard protects the quality of your products – but how do you know what your air purity is, and how can you improve it?

Algar Air can help.


Air compressor safety is governed by the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR). They govern safety standards for Doncaster air compressors and air treatment equipment. Complying with the regulations helps ensure your workplace is safe for your people, but it also protects your business from the financial or reputational damage that accidents can bring.

> You can download a PDF copy of the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR) here


Ask us to visit your business and we’ll test the following parts of your system:

  •  Air Receivers
  •  Air Tanks (not Diving Equipment)
  •  Air Vessels
  •  Safety Valves
  •  Pipework


More than compliance
Ask us to perform a safety check on your Doncaster compressed air system and the result will be far more than a certificate of compliance.

  •  We check pressure and flow to ensure there are no underlying production risks
  •  We check pipework and connections to ensure you’re not wasting money and losing air power through escaping air and pipeline bottlenecks
  •  And we’ll check running temperatures and noise to spot underlying issues that could lead to bigger problems

PSSR checks can be carried out by any “competent person” within your business. But when you don’t have an in-house expert, when you want an independent, expert view, or when you want a compliance test that checks your Doncaster compressed air system’s efficiency as well as its safety, talk to us.


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> You can find full details of the requirements here: Written Schemes of Examination *pdf


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