Compressed Air System Installation in Sheffield

Expert installation to maximise efficiency and product quality, and keep costs down.

Compressed air pipework installation

Your questions about air compressor installation in Sheffield answered:


Does it matter where our air compressor is installed?

Yes. In larger premises relying on air power to run a number of tools, the siting of the air compressor and the pipework design can be absolutely critical.

That’s because the greater the distance your air has to cover between compressor and tool, the harder your compressor has to work. The more twists and turns in the pipework, the more airflow is affected, the greater the friction and the more moisture you’ll get in the system. And the more connectors in the system, the greater the chance of leaks.

So choosing the right position for your air compressor and then designing a pipework system for greatest efficiency can:

  •  Minimise energy costs
  •  Cut wear to the air compressor (and reduce the risk of breakdowns)
  •  Protect air flow
  •  Protect production levels and product quality


What elements of compressed air installation do you cover?

We took the decision a long time ago to offer the complete compressed air installation service for Sheffield. After all, it’s no benefit to your business to have an air compressor supplied but not wired up, or wired up, but with no pipework to ensure the air can get to where it’s needed.

So when you choose Algar Air for your compressed air system installation in Sheffield, you get everything you need to have the system up and running.


If we move premises, will you help us more the compressed air system?

Yes, because almost inevitably a change of premises will, at the very least, involve wiring and pipework installation for your compressed air system in Sheffield. And if you’re moving premises to create space for more production bays or workstations, you may need more air compressors installed to cope with the new levels of demand.


Whatever your business plans, Algar Air will keep the air flowing. Find out more about:

  •  Pipework Installations
  •  Electrical Installations & Work
  •  Removal, transportation & re-installations

And for compressed air equipment installation in Sheffield, call us on 0114 243 2347.


Electrical testing & installations of air compressors


Expert installation of compressed air and other equipment.

Ducting to separate hot & cold air


Separating hot and cold air to ensure your compressor doesn’t overheat.

Compressed air pipework installation

Pipework Installations

System design and installation to get the air power to where it’s needed.

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