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For sales, installation, servicing and repair of every part of your Mansfield compressed air system, call Algar Air.

Air compressor equipment from filters & receivers to compressors, separtors & dryers

Chances are, there’s virtually no resource more important to your business than compressed air. So it makes sense to ensure that every part of your compressed air system is designed, sourced, installed and maintained by experts.


Your air compressor company in Mansfield

For more than 35 years, Algar Air has been the compressed air specialist for Mansfield. We’re there to advise you when you’re buying your first new or used compressor, and we’re there when it’s time to upgrade. We’re there to ensure the system keeps pace with your evolving business needs, and we’re there to ensure it keeps delivering – protecting your business against the cost of downtime. And if the worst does happen, we’re there to fix things, fast.

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Talek To Us About

  •  Air Compressors
  •  Air Receivers
  •  Inline Filtration
  •  Refrigerant / Desiccant Dryers
  •  Oil / Water Separators
  •  Used Compressed Air Equipment
  •  Installation & Servicing
  •  Pipework Installation
  •  Electrical Work
  •  Breakdowns & Repairs

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Range of new air compressors

Air Compressors

Whatever your business, we’ve got the air power to help it run better. Find the right compressor with us.

Services we offer to help your business keep the compressed air flowing

Services We Offer

We’ll help your business keep the compressed air flowing.

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