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Make critical operations safer, and the day to day easier, with air power from Algar Air.

For years, compressed air tools have been widely used across the dental and medical sector. Compressed air has become so commonplace, in fact, that it’s perhaps easy to forget just how far reaching compressed air’s role now is:

Dental: It’s the power behind most drills and polishers, and practically every dental surgery uses air compressor equipment for drying and cleaning.
Medical: No longer confined to powering equipment like medical grade physiotherapy machines, air power is increasingly used as a treatment in itself. Air compressor-delivered shock waves can treat tennis elbow. And compressed air can provide much needed relief from kidney and bladder stones.

In all of these instances, consistency of air flow, and precision of delivery are key. It’s vital that your air compressor equipment has the appropriate power and filters to deliver contaminant free air, available immediately at the pressure required.

Algar Air’s engineers have year of experience working with the medical and dental sector, ensuring that the clean, reliable source of air you need, is there whenever you need it. Talk to us about your requirements now.

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