Short answer? Yes, absolutely. And here’s why…
Air Receivers - You know you need an air receiver, but do you know which one?

An air receiver is an essential part of any compressed air system. A receiver is basically a tank that acts like a reservoir that feeds your air compressor. When demand on the system is high, the air receiver ensures there’s enough air to keep supplying your air tools at the correct pressure and flow rate. When there’s a little slack in the system it provides a space for the excess air to go, again protecting consistency of air flow.

In addition, air receivers can help remove moisture from your compressed air system. Moisture is a natural by-product of the heating effect of squeezing air molecules together in a confined space. Without an air receiver (and without other filters and dryers), more of that moisture typically finds its way into tubes, tools and the finished product.

But the air receiver provides a low pressure area in which air can cool and condense, ensuring your tools receive a cleaner supply of air.


Which air receiver do I need?

The standard rule of thumb is that your air receiver tank capacity should be 6-10 times the flow rate of the system. So, for example, if your air compressor has a rating of 25 scfm, the receiver tank should be capable of storing a minimum of 150 cubic feet.

Every receiver tank should have a pressure gauge and a pressure relief valve (to vent excess air) which should be set at 10% above the working pressure of the system. And there should be a drain facility to remove condensed water from the system. Each of the air receivers supplied by Algar Air has a pressure relief valve and an auto drain feature.

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Air Receivers - You know you need an air receiver, but do you know which one? Ask the experts

Air Receivers

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