Read our troubleshooting guide for potential quick fixes to your air compressor problems.

Close-up of rotor of air screw compressor

Ask us to repair your air compressor equipment and we won’t charge you a callout fee, but we will run through some simple troubleshooting over the phone to ensure the problem isn’t something you can resolve yourself.

With all the tips below, if they don’t solve the problem, or if you don’t know how to carry out our suggested checks, give us a call on 0114 243 2347.


•  Air compressor won’t turn on

Has a safety cut out tripped? Check the overload relay and reset if necessary. Make sure the emergency stop is out.


•  Compressor is running but not producing any air

The air is supplied via an inlet valve controlled by a solenoid valve. Whilst you may be able to check whether the valves have power, you’ll probably need to call us to fix the problem.


•  Compressor is not getting up to pressure

Could be caused by a variety of problems including leaks somewhere in the system or problems with inlet filters. Before you call us, check that the level of demand isn’t outstripping the air compressor’s capacity. If it is, it will be new compressor equipment you need, not a repair.


•  Compressor keeps cutting out

Check that your air compressor has the recommended levels of ventilation to ensure it’s not overheating. Check the oil too, and top it up if necessary.


•  There’s water in your compressed air

It’s completely normal to have a little water coming out of your compressed air system as it’s a natural by-product of air compression. But if you check the condensate trap or the manual drain and there’s lots of water there, give us a call.

If the above suggestions haven’t solved the problem, or if your problem is not on this list, please call us on 0114 243 2347, or contact us.