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For many Doncaster businesses, there are a few more vital purchases than the air compressor. The prime power source for many production and manufacturing businesses, the air compressor is an investment that’s essential to get right.

And for more than 35 years, Algar Air has helped businesses in Doncaster and across South Yorkshire do just that.

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Flow and pressure

It’s a simple thing to match the air compressor to the air tool when all you’re powering with the compressor is a single tyre inflator. It’s a considerably more complex calculation when the compressor is powering a production floor of cutting machines, sanders, sprayers, conveyors and more.

Here, expert support can be the difference between a system that’s underpowered and which underdelivers – and a system with all the air power you need to run every air tool, simultaneously, with spare capacity for additional tools and peak production periods.

We’ll help you choose the right Doncaster air compressor for your specific needs.


Piston or rotary?

A piston compressor will typically be a relatively low cost option requiring no more than routine maintenance to keep it operating reliably.

Rotary compressors will run cooler, generate more CFM per kWh and pass less oil than a piston compressor, but typically at a higher price and with a greater need for regular servicing and maintenance. We’ll help balance the competing benefits.


Oiled or oil free?

Compressors which use oil as a lubricant tend to run quieter and more durably than oil-free, but oil free is essential where the compressor is being used to manufacture food, drink or pharmaceuticals. Oil free can also be the essential choice for dental air compressors and for paint spraying. We’ll help you choose the right Doncaster air compressor to meet the quality standards you require.


To find the right Doncaster air compressor for you, please call 0114 243 2347, or contact us.

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