Algar Air’s engineers do more than install air compressor equipment in Nottingham. We’ll handle the electrics too.

Install air compressor equipment in your Nottingham factory/workshop and you’ll need two sets of skills: someone with the compressed air know-how to create a system that gives you all the reliable air power you need. And someone to wire it up correctly, compliantly and safely.

So it matters that Algar Air’s engineers are air compressor specialists and trained electricians.

Not only can we advise on the right compressed air system for your business, we can install every part of it – safely and in compliance with all appropriate UK standards – without needing to call in any additional services. So you save time and money.

Our electrical engineering capabilities don’t stop at air compressor equipment. For starter panel inspection, electrics testing*, or other electrical equipment installations, call us.

Cut the cost of calling electrical and air compressor engineers in Nottingham. Find them both at Algar Air. Please call 0114 243 2347 or contact us.

*Not PAT testing

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