You know you could save money by choosing one contractor to carry out comprehensive factory maintenance – but will they have all the skills you need? At Algar Air, the answer’s always yes.

Engineers Checking Factory Fuel Pipeline

There’s an economy of scale that happens when you place all your Nottingham factory servicing with one contractor. You can access a service contract at a low price instead of paying individual contractors a standard callout fee. But there’s just one problem: if you choose one supplier, how do you know they have all the skills you need?

Master of all trades

Algar Air specialises in compressed air equipment in Nottingham. Yet compressed air is a sector than can never stand alone. Electrical engineering, pipe and ductwork, plumbing – they’re all essential elements of creating compressed air systems that really deliver.

So choosing us for your comprehensive factory servicing in Nottingham isn’t a case of choosing a contractor who specialises in one thing and ‘dabbles’ in the rest. Every day, we’re using electrical, plumbing, joinery and HVAC skills to design and install compressed air systems. And increasingly, we’re using the same skills to address all our clients’ general building maintenance challenges.

Let Algar Air put all your maintenance in one place, including:

    General factory/workshop equipment
    Electrical services
    Building maintenance
    Air conditioning and more

All work is carried out by our expert team, or our approved partners.

Other benefits of comprehensive factory maintenance

Cost isn’t the only benefit of choosing comprehensive factory maintenance in Nottingham. When you’ve only one contractor visiting you regularly, they get to know your site and equipment. When there’s a problem, there’s a greater chance they’ll be able to identify the issue quickly, reducing the risk of downtime or shortening its duration.

Comprehensive factory maintenance in Nottingham with Algar Air

Talk to Algar Air about a whole factory maintenance package that will ensure faults are fixed faster, for less, and which reduces the potential for costly downtime.

Please call 0114 243 2347, or contact us.

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