Discover the advantages of placing all your Chesterfield factory’s maintenance with one expert contractor…

Technician Performing Factory Maintenance Service

It stands to reason that if you could find a factory maintenance contractor in Chesterfield who could handle every aspect of your work, you’d choose them.

You’d save money. You’d cut the length of time to complete projects because there’d be no waiting around between one trade finishing their part of the job and another one starting. And nothing would ever be lost in translation between the various parties, because one organisation would be behind all your maintenance work.

So why don’t more companies work that way?

Expertise at every stage

The problem, of course, is finding a factory maintenance contractor in Chesterfield who really can do it all. There’s little point in employing someone to manage every aspect of your maintenance when their expertise lies in just one area.

Algar Air specialises in compressed air equipment in Chesterfield. But the thing about compressed air systems is you need to have the electrical engineering, HVAC, plumbing and ductwork skills to be able to tackle any project.

So when you let Algar Air handle all your Chesterfield factory maintenance, you get genuine expertise from our expert team or approved partners:

    General factory/workshop equipment
    Electrical services
    Building maintenance
    Air conditioning and more

Comprehensive factory maintenance in Chesterfield with Algar Air

Talk to Algar Air about a whole factory maintenance package that will ensure faults are fixed faster, for less, and which reduces the potential for costly downtime.

Please call 0114 243 2347, or contact us.

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