Air compressors come in a variety of types and they all have their own advantages and benefits but air compressors of any type are very versatile pieces of equipment.

Spray painting is much simpler using an air compressor

Let’s take a look at some of the more unusual uses for air compressors.


Art Work

Air compressors are commonly used in garages and auto shops but not just for pumping tyres. Their versatility makes them very useful when it comes to more cosmetic work. Spray painting is much simpler with an air compressor and you get a much evener coat of paint.

While this is undoubtedly useful for cars and other vehicles air compressors are now getting more of a following in the art world. They can be used to paint furniture and be used on canvas as well, all you need is a spray gun attachment and you can use your air compressor in a whole new way.



You wouldn’t normally associate cleaning with an air compressor, would you? But while it might not seem like it, an air compressor can be a cleaning marvel on all sorts of objects and in all kinds of surroundings. With a blow gun attachment, you can transform your air compressor into a powerful cleaning device, with just a squeeze of the handle you can blow dust, dirt, and grime away.

This is very useful for cleaning machinery and getting into small spaces but it can also be used to clean up wood shavings and much more. You might be able to achieve similar results with a pressure washer but the intensity of the water can easily cause damage, so a gentler compressed air cleaning method can be the better option.



At first glance, an air compressor might not seem like the best gardening tool and while you can’t use it to plant flowers it certainly does have its uses. We’ve already talked about how an air compressor can be used for painting and while it will certainly make painting your fence easier an air compressor can also help with another important gardening job.

With the right attachments, you can use an air compressor to blow away leaves and debris which can be a huge help and save you money on a leaf blower. This can also be used indoors to sweep up and clean floors as well.



OK, so inflation might not seem like an unusual choice, after all, we all know air compressors can be used to inflate tyres. But why stick to just tyres? Most people don’t realise that they can also use their air compressor to inflate a range of other items.

Inflatable toys, furniture, mattresses and swimming pools can all be inflated with an air compressor and it’s a much quicker and less tiring way to do it as well. You might need a regulator attachment in order to inflate certain items safely especially if it’s for objects like balloons which will burst if the pressure is too high.


Snow Machines

Saving the most unusual to last! Snow machines can be all sorts of fun at parties and special events and with an air compressor, you won’t need to hire one. Now getting everything together to create your own mini-snowstorm will take a while and some practice but there are plenty of guides online for you to take a look at.

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