When is the very worst time for your factory floor fans to break? As temperatures soared, Algar Air electricians went above and beyond the call of duty to help one local customer cool down.

Large metal ceiling fan on roof to cool factory temperature

The thermometer in our workshop was nudging 30°C last week – most definitely not the time for the fans that keep your workforce cool to shudder to a halt. But that’s what happened for one local manufacturer, who saw temperatures on the factory floor start to spiral and the workforce start to wilt.

The fact that our Sheffield electricians were able to get to the factory in question fast, diagnose the problem and fix the fault was a godsend. But as the fans started spinning again, their work wasn’t finished.

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One of the engineers was grabbing a quick drink from the water cooler when he noticed a build-up of limescale. Left unchecked, he knew that the water would gradually turn cloudy and taste tainted – and potentially lead to blockages, restricted flows and breakdowns. So the engineers contacted the manufacturer to organise clean-out kits, so the units could be returned to their former glory supplying crisp clean water.

This isn’t an unusual situation. Whether we’re installing a compressed air system, wiring up a new piece of equipment or fixing the pipework, if we spot an additional problem that needs fixing, we’ll fix it.

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